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Midnight Madness Week #7 (MMSC7)

The weekly
for MMSC6 is
The bonus gift is just a LITTLE something to keep the excitement going throughout the month. Cat please email me your info so I can send you your bonus gift :)
Well what an exciting week of challenge card creations!!! You have ONE MORE WEEK to get the Midnight Madness Mad Money Piggy Bank Filled!!! (see details below) Next week someone will win a CA$H PRIZE!!! WOOOOO HOOOO!! For every person who enters, the $ amount goes up, so if you didn’t do last weeks, you still have time. You have till Midnight EST 6-23-09 to get your MMSC6 entries in for last weeks sketch. One winner will be drawn for our weekly BONUS GIFT give away on Wednesday 6-24, so check back for that. (If you miss the deadline, you are still welcome to leave a comment with your url so we can still check out your work)
Each week we will be awarding a special Badge Award to one person for their outstanding sketch submission. If you would like to be considered for this award, please make sure your card link is posted to Mr. Linky by Sunday of each week. This is our way of let you know how wonderfully talented you are and how much we appreciate you sharing your craft with us. This week we are proud to say the“MIDNIGHT MADNESS MASTERPIECE” Gold Star Award goes to.....


Enjoy your award and please display it proudly!
(if you would like the blinkie code, just email me ;)

Sketch Challenge Star Award MMM

This week the MMDT has nominated a very special person for the “Midnight Madness Master Marketing” Award. We would like to give her this award for all her time she puts into the sponsors and getting the team going with her proficient marketing talents and for her great managerial skills. This MMDT member has done such a great job and starting next week we will be featuring our very first sponsorship. What does that means for our players? Well, it means MORE FREE goodies just for playing the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenges. So please keep an eye out for the up coming features and surprises we have in store for you. It just keeps getting better and better. Thank you for being a part of the Midnight Madness Design Team and this week we would like to honor.....
Stop by and check out her Blog!
Jeni, display this Award proudly!
So glad you are on our team!!

NOW TO THE $$$CASH$$$!!!
We are down to the last week to make that piggy bank as fat as we can get it!! So, invite all your friends and lets bring home this last week with TONS OF CASH and LOTS OF FOLLOWERS. We are so close to DOUBLING THE CASH... LETS NOT LET IT GET AWAY!! If you win, you can use the money any way you like :) Spoil yourself, your family or pay is up to you :) The Midnight Madness Blog is hopefully a place for you to gather a little extra inspiration that will keep you coming back week after week. I think the prizes make it even that much more fun don’t you? We will mix it up each month so stick around cuz, we have some exciting sponsors in store for you starting next WEEK!!!

Made Money Details..this Month for every entry to Mr. Linky this month I will add .25 cents to the Midnight Madness “MAD MONEY” piggy bank. (only ONE entry per person per week please) This could add up really fast!!... Now follow me…..for example, if we average 50 Mr. Linky entries per week….that totals apox 200 entries for the month, which = $50 CASH!!! For the Big BONUS.…I will DOUBLE the cash amount if we DOUBLE our follower count by the end of the month. That would be a grand total Cash prize of $100 (to be paid through PayPal or Money Order in US funds) Now this total could be a lot higher depending on how many people play this month!! When we started this month, our followers count was at 160 follower, so if we reach a follower count of 320 or more by June 30th Midnight EST I will double the Mad Money amount. If the grand total at the end of the month reaches $200 dollars, I will draw two names…. If it reaches $300 I will draw 3 names and so on….and so on …and so on, up to a maximum of 5 winners for a $500 total pay out!! WOW!! (i.e. if the grand total is $375 then three names will be drawn and each person will receive a $125 cash) This challenge will run for the month of June. Starting with MMSC4 and lasting for a series of 4 sketch challenge weeks and ending with MMSC7 The grand prize award will be announced on July 1st . The drawing will be done via video and one of my kids will draw the name/names. The more people that play, the more money that goes in the MAD MONEY piggy bank!!! We must reach at least 320 followers for the Mad Money to be DOUBLED.

So gather up all your friends, announce it on your blogs and come play with us...we only need a few more followers for the MONEY TO BE DOUBLED!! :)

In addition to our MAD Money Cash prize and our weekly Midnight Madness Masterpiece Badge Award, we will draw one name from each weeks sketch entries to win a special surprise BONUS GIFT. It is Just a LITTLE something to keep the excitement going throughout the month. IN order to qualify for the CASH, you must display a linked Midnight madness "logo" badge on your blog, be a "follower" and have a "direct link" back to this site in your card post "comments". No worries if you do not have a blog..upload your card to a card gallery and in your card comments have a direct link back to the Midnight Madness Challenge blog and you will qualify as well.

Here is Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge Week #7 (MMSC7)

This weeks Sketch was Designed by JESSICA!!

Thanks for a GREAT SKETCH!!


Denise - kc242 Designs by Denise

Chris - Twinkles Glow with Stamps

Jane - The Paper Affair

Kimmie - kimmie kaye's designs

Carolyn - Creative Card Corner

Michelle - Daydreams by Michelle

Phyllis - Splitcoaststampers

Jessica - solocosmo

Charlotte - Designs From Within

Priscilla - "priscillastyles"

Sue - McMahon Five Designs

Shawne - Paper Art from Studio 313


1. You need to be a “FOLLOWER”

2. The “Midnight Madness LOGO BADGE/LINK” should be displayed on your blog
3. Your card post needs to have a "Hyperlink"(direct link) back to this blog in order or qualify for the CASH AWARD!!
4. Tag with MMSC7 when uploading to galleries.
5. Only ONE entry per person per week please

6. Enter your project to Mr. Linky below
7. Leave a COMMENT below.

8. ***Read the General Rules**
9. Note: for CASH award to be DOUBLED, the followers count must reach 320 or more by June 30th, so HELP SPREAD the WORD and lets get CREATIVE!! :) WE ARE SO CLOSE!!!!!!

Note: if for any reason, Mr. Linky is not displayed directly below, please just add your link address for your project when you comment. If Mr. Linky is not here when you are, you could also check back again in a little while.


Midnight Madness Participants
1. Liz Williams
2. Lisa V
3. Cheryl ~ CherCroppin
4. Dorothy S.
5. Jennifer T
6. Myran
7. Di
8. Benzi
9. peggy elms
10. KathyJ (Wattle)
11. Loz
12. Sandee
13. Riituli (Finland)
14. Barbara
15. BarbieP
16. Stef H
17. Crystal
18. Dawn Knight
19. Millie
20. Audrey Girard
21. Denise
22. Terry
23. Monika Reeck
24. Nancy Bush
25. anitacorsten
26. Valerie
27. Carol
28. Valarie Florer
29. Melissa Bove
30. Carol(Gingerbeary8)
31. DebbieF
32. maureen vollaro
33. pam124
34. Denise Backer
35. scrapperjulia
36. Kelly Schirmer
37. Darlene (akronstamperdpk)
38. Sue Drees
39. Craftypagan
40. Marianne
41. Mindy Kamholz
42. Sharon Lougheed
43. tanjaak
44. Lovely Linda
45. Nunt
46. Angie Easter
47. Jerusha Borden
48. Terri Snode
49. Stamp Muse
50. Beth Beard
51. Linda B
52. Hazel (Didos)
53. Rosemary D
54. Charlene Merrick
55. jentimko
56. Lisa Somerville
57. ~michelle~
58. Claire
59. Trish Lucey
60. Amanda C
61. sassy
62. Lorraine
63. Cabio
64. flati
65. IRIT
66. Sandy
67. Cat Spicer

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Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge Week #7 (MMSC7) is NOW CLOSED. You are still welcome to leave a comment with your url so we can still see your work. We look forward to it and to your future projects. Week #8 is under way.. So stay up late or get up early and come play with us :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Thinking Inside the Box" THICK Envelope Kits & STAND UP Card Templates by "priscillastyles"

Stand Up Card Template is made of extra heavy card stock for long lasting. Template is easy to use by just tracing and cutting out. Decorate the card and hang your own centerpiece as desired. This template can be used in so many ways and you can really let your imagination run wild with this one. Below are some examples of cards made with this template. Card folds down neatly and will fit in a thick style envelope for delivering to its recipient. You can see the 6”x6” thick style envelopes by scrolling down. This template is hand made by me and will be delivered in its own packaging. Template is perfect for gift giving as well. It includes simple directions with sample pictures. Template size when open all the way measures 6”x 5 ½” x 15” and folds down to a 6”x 5 ½” card. (note: oversized card stock needed for this template) This template is easily altered for your own custom designs and can be used as a guideline for your own creations. Template has swing out hanging arm features and it the basic template for your use. The hanging accent should be your own design and not included. Template pictured is a representation of the template packet and yours may differ as each are hand made.
Template price is $12.50 as it does take time and detail blade cutting to make each one.
Template size when open all the way measures 6”x 5 ½” x 15” with swing out arm features. Template folds down to a 6”x 5 ½” card and pefect for housing in the
"Thick Style Envelopes" seen below.
Card Template price is $12.50 (+ shipping)
Check out the samples below and let’s see what you can make with this template :)
Click below to add this template to your cart.
Note regarding shipping: a partial shipping refund will be issued
if warranted due to the flat rate system PayPal has in its set up :)
Enjoy the samples below and let’s see what you can make with this template :)




Have you ever been faced with trying to fit a bulky thick style card in an envelope? The lumps and bumps really do not look that great, so I went to work coming up with my own design. I do not know how many times I would try and line up my envelope edges to find that they were slightly off, not enough room for the adhesive, it had gap openings, was lopsided, you name it, I have done it. If you have ever experienced the same kinds of problems, well I have found the answer. These Kits will help you make an envelope perfect every time. Kits pictured are a representation of the actual kits. Yours may differ, depending on which style kit is purchased and every Kit is custom made therefore they may have slight variations. The envelopes pictured here were all made using the "Thinking Inside the Box" blocks and are not recommended to use for mailing. We suggest you box them before shipping. The more"Advanced" Templates will be listed in the future. And if you would like to get on my reservation list, just add your name and email address to the comments on this post.
These kits were designed and created for
"priscillastyles"and are copyright protected.
Shipping discounts and Wholesale Available!!
"BASIC" Thick Envelope Maker Kit
Your "BASIC" Thick Envelope MakerKit contains :
1. Instruction Booklet (Basic)
2. Template with Pattern measurements
3. “Thinking Inside the Box” block
(pictured envelopes are examples only & not for sale)
This kit is an aid in making a 6”x 6”x ¾”Thick Box style BASIC Custom Envelope;
Perfect for housing a 5 ½” x 5 ½” card.
BASIC KIT $16.99 + $3.50 Shipping to the US
(International shipping available/Please note: for International buyers the shipping is automatically generated and a partial shipping refund will be credited if warranted. )


Your "A7" Envelope MakerKit contains :
1. Instruction Booklet (A7 Thick)
2. Pattern Template
3. “Thinking Inside the Box” Block
(pre-made envelopes posted here are for examples only)
This kit is an aid in making a 5 1/4”x 7 1/4”x ¾”Thick Box style A7 Custom Envelope;
Perfect for housing a 5” x 7” card.
Please note: due to envelopes larger size this kit will require oversized paper (12"x 15 3/4")
A7 KIT $16.99
Shipping to the US $3.50
(International shipping available/Please note: for International buyers the shipping is automatically generated and a partial shipping refund will be credited if warranted. Thank you )

I sell these on eBay, but if you buy direct from
me HERE on my blog, you will receive the discounted price.

Basic Kit
"BASIC" style Kit samples below

"A7" Thick Style Kit samples below
Please note: due to envelopes larger size this kit will require oversized paper (12"x 15 3/4") You could also get creative with the envelopes and make them in a variety of styles by customizing the top flap. (see sample shown below) What fun making your own unique custom envelopes.

(below are some examples of some slide top envelopes)

As always, I would love to hear from you, so your comments, requests and suggestions are always welcome. Thank you for taking the time to stop by to check out "priscillastyles" Envelope making Kits :)
All parts and pictures in this instructional material is copyright protected by Priscilla Heaton / “priscillastyles” 2009

More custom sizes coming soon.
Questions or comments?
Please E-mail: