Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Midnight Madness by Priscilla MMSC6

"Lady Burlesque"

Hi everyone, I had a lot of fun with this Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge. It is called Lady- Burlesque. I found this flirty image at a new friends blog. You can check out her fun Blog HERE.Thanks for letting me highjack your image Michelle. So on this card, I wanted the side ribbon trim to kind of pull the satin gloves from the image. Not really sure if it worked, but I still like the way it came out. The image is on glossy paper and cut out multiple times. You can click on the picture to see the layers. Under one of the layers I glued some feathers to accent her costume. I would love to answer any questions you may have, so ask away. I really hope you enjoy my card. Is it too flirty? I have not done the inside yet...What would be a good saying for the inside? Would love to know your thoughts, so please leave me a comment :)


  1. She is some flashy show girl Priscilla! I love the black feathers, glitter and glam on her. A++++.

  2. Gorgeous Priscilla! That feather and satin ribbon are oh so perfect for this Burlesque Queen! Hmmm...inside the card....if it was for a BDay you could say something like.. Let's get this party started birthday girl (boy)! Tee hee!

  3. Your card is fabulous! It's always fun to see what you had in mind for the sketches! Love the colors!

  4. beautiful card, Priscilla! i love the feathers - what a perfect touch!

    i picked up some great girlie stamps that have the BEST sentiments - things like "she wasn't sure whether to use her powers for good or evil" and "she was tempted to cause a scene" and "she would show HIM naughty"... but my choice for this card might be something like "instant dive, just add champagne".

    i absolutely love it!


  5. What a cool card! I love any of the sentiments Leah quoted for the inside! You always have the most interesting images! :) I'm not sure I'm a vintage girl but I have fun looking at the places you recommend for them. :)

  6. Gorgeous STUNNING! Red and black color combo, and gems, must be the Other half of Priscilla! LOL

  7. Hmmm, my last comment didn't sound that right, silly me. :-} I meant like Priscilla's showgirl personality!

  8. She is just FABULOUS!! I love the flirty red and black. BRAVO!!!

  9. That is ok Jeni..I have a lot of vamp along with showgirl still left in me LOL..

  10. You can work vintage more ways than I have ever seen anyone else try to do. Great job as always, Priscilla. Your challenges rock!!

    Carolyn, MMDT member
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  11. Oh my Priscilla, how I love this card. Why isn't it on scs...I love all the details, I love how your imagination works. You know I will have to case one of your cards.

    Kindly, Peggy

  12. I love this card! Reminds me of the movies. I really like the black satin and the feathers. Ohhh...La...La...La...!

  13. Priscilla I don't think that there is one card of yours that I don't like :)
    This card is stunning from the showgirl to the wonderful details and trims. Fabulous!

  14. HOLY MOLY is this ever AWESOME!!

  15. wowsahs that's a hot card, love it! great job!!!!

  16. TOO FLIRTY!!!!! not for you Priscilla!! Lovin the red and black together.....absolutely fabulous...especially with the bling!!! Awesome as always!

  17. I'd love to have the animated code :). My e-mail is dannylor_kim@yahoo.com

  18. oh wow priscilla!! you totally out did y9ourself awesome card ! is your image stamped or drawn or a cut out? it so fancy !!! sorry my ytping is bad i hafd surgery ob my left wrist todat =-( it tunreed out i damaged mt ligament . I cant sleep so your bog waas tje first place i went for entertainment and inspiration !!!!!!!!!! thank you for this awesome blog you have and dfor always having themmmsc challenges up on time and always making gorgeous cards

  19. Holy Cow!! This is amazing!! This is so classy and so fancy!! I really love your card!!

  20. Hi Priscilla

    You are one of the sweetest people I know and are always so encouraging. Thank you for your wonderful friendship. I have nominated you for a friendship award for your blog! Display it proudly. You deserve it!

    Come collect your award at my blog.


  21. Priscilla: This is my suggestion for the inside of your card:

    Put down the knitting,
    The book and the broom.
    Time for a holiday.
    Life is Cabaret, old chum,
    Come to the Cabaret.

    Come taste the wine,
    Come hear the band.
    Come blow your horn,
    Start celebrating;
    Right this way,
    Your table's waiting

    It is from the lyrics of "Cabaret"

    You know I absolutely adore this card. Everything about it is unique and special. The perception of the image to me is suggestive of an invitation....to enjoy/celebrate....something exciting is about to happen. Then again....writing something in French would be so appropriate because that was my first reaction when I saw this last night at SCS. Something from Lady Marmalade maybe???? ROFL

    Let us know what you decided, inquiring minds want to know!

    Bear hugs