Thursday, July 2, 2009

Midnight Madness MMSC7 Bonus & June Grand Prize CASH Drawings

JUST A quick update... I wanted to inform you, that due to the growth of the Midnight Madness Subscribers List, I have decided to change my email notifications to Feedburner. If you are currently subscribed to my Feedblitz email notifications, I am changing for a verity of reasons, one being that the Feedburner is free of charge..Yeah!! More money to add to the Midnight Madness Mad Money Piggy bank. And the other, is I was having problems with their service. So, I wanted to ask you if you could visit my side bar and subscribe to the NEW Feedburner. I will be closing my old FeedBlitz in the near future and would really appreciate it if you would continue to follow our Sketch Challenge blog. Thank you so much and I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello Everyone …
A couple of things before we get started…. I would like to apologize for the late Winners Post. Also, I know there are a lot of sketch challenges out there and I am so glad that you have chosen to play along with the Midnight Madness. The Midnight Madness Team will do our best week after week to trying and make this a fun, exciting and inspirational blog to visit and participate with. We get a lot of joy check out your incredible creations each week ,so THANK YOU for playing with us..

Yesterday Morning (7-1-09), my kids and I had a really fun “Midnight Madness Morning Pajama” Party drawing for you guys..It was a lot of fun and being bright and early in the morning, my kids had lots of energy and were being VERY silly and excited when it came to picking out the names. My youngest, Hudson shook the Midnight Madness Jar so hard, he fell over and we all had a great laugh. I spent most of yesterday trying to download the very cute video we made for you all. After 3 attempts and hours of downloading time my husband and I figured out that the video was to long (large) to be downloaded. It is now the wee hours of the morning and I can not figure out how to edit the video to make it smaller, so I have given up and am just going to post the pictures I just took of the winners names. Kids are in bed now, so I am sorry, this month, no pictures of my cuties to look at. I decided to print out all the names from the current challenges, cut them and put those in the jar. Just a way to double check I did not miss anyone. I first placed the MMSC7 names in a smaller jar and Hudson (my 2 year old) picked the MMSC7 Bonus Winners name…..

I am happy to announce the Bonus winner for
Congratulations Melissa, please contact me
via email with your mailing address, so I can mail you your bonus gift

I am so proud of the progress that the Midnight Madness has made in the last month..we came so close to doubling our Mad Money Cash. We are still a growing weekly challenge and are gaining more and more players and exposure by the day. Our Feedblitz subscriber list is growing each day as well. I would like to take this time to say that if you are a subscriber and got duplicate newsletters in the last couple of days..There was a hiccup with my newletter, so sorry for that. I really appreciate you subscribing to this blog and keep an eye out for some Midnight Madness newsflashes coming soon.

Now on to the CASH drawing…the plan this last month was to put 25 cents in the Mad Money Piggy Bank for every entry this month. We had 211 entries Yeah!! Thank you everyone for playing. That calculates out to $52.75 I am going to round it up to an even $60 for the winner this month. We will do this again FOR SURE! I was ready to give away a much higher amount, so check out what we are doing to keep the fun of the Mad Money Madness going!!! Starting in July our Midnight Madness Mad Money Piggy Bank is going to take up residents on our side bar!!!… It will be filled up again with random amounts of CASH!! We have a running spread sheet of every player that has played the Midnight Madness Sketch challenge to date. (Thank you Phyllis) We will keep updating the list when ever a new player joins. We are going to have random drawings and if the person whose name we pulled has played our sketch challenge the prior week, they will win the Mad Money Cash from the Piggy Bank. The amounts will be random as well and could range anywhere from $5 up to $100.. so all you have to do is play and check back from time to time. The random Mad Money Name will pop up on the side bar and that person will have 24 hours to post a comment under the current challenge to claim their CASH prize money!!! (to be paid via PayPal) We will even do random drawings off our FOLLOWERS list as well. (If you would like to be on our “Mad Money” spreadsheet, it would be very helpful if when you add your name to Mr. Linky that you some how add an initial or make your name distinguished..(ie Lisa A. or Lisa B.) this will be very helpful with the more frequently used names so we can differentiate the players.)

Now to our very first Monthy Cash Award Winner!!!
Our June Grand Prize winner is...
please email me with your Paypal account so
I can credit you with $60 worth of MAD MONEY!!!!!

Happy 4th of July Everyone...BE SAFE!! :)
Thank you!!!


  1. Oh, Wow!! I am so excited!! Thank you so much!! :)

    And a big thank you to your kids for helping! ;)

  2. what a wonderful prize.....congrats tothe winner.....will be entering this new challenge tonite lol!!! think alas im one challenge behind due to internet failure......still it could have been worse it could have bee me kidneys.....i jest ...hugs sassyx

  3. How cool is that! Thank you so much! Woo hoo!

  4. Congratulations to all the Midnight Madness Winners (you are all winners but only some get the cash. LOL). It's always interesting here so be sure to play every week.

  5. Congratulations Melissa and Anna! Enjoy your goodies. :) Michelle

  6. Anna, your PayPal has been credited :)CONGRATULATIONS again and Enjoy your MAD MONEY :)

  7. Congratulations Anna and Melissa!!! What fun!!

    Happy 4th of July Priscilla!! Sorry that I will miss seeing all the creations for the next madness post! Thanks for your help. I will talk to you when I get back!


  8. How fun, congrats to Melissa and Anna!
    Priscilla, so happy for you that this site has become such a success!

  9. Congratulations to Anna and Melissa! So happy for you both.

  10. I know im way late but congratulations you two! and Happy Fourth of JUly to you all!!!!! i hope everyone had a great one! cant wait to see the new sketches =)))

  11. Okay, forgive me if I post twice as I have no idea where my comment went. Somewhere into cyberspace, no doubt!

    Thanks for the great challenges every week. They always stretch me and I appreciate that very much!

    The sample cards were phenomenal, as usual!

    Thanks again,


    aka Stamp Muse