Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Midnight Madness & Dustin Pike (I can't hold back on the big Announcement)

I just can’t hold back any longer….guess what?? The Midnight Madness Weekly Bonus Winner for MMSC10 is going to Win

“Dustin Pike’s"
That is 118 images!!

That’s right, you heard me correct!!! Dustin has so GENEROUSLY offered to our weekly bonus winner his complete line of images he has created to date. WOW what a prize!!!!
If you were to break that down, it is a
"Prize Worth over $300!!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!"

If you are not familiar with Dustin Pike, this is what I have learned about him.…..he has been drawing/doodling for as long as he can remember. Even his homework in school had more doodles in the blank parts than it did answers...In school he tried to have more art classes than any other, he just didn’t get math, English was OK, but in art classes he knew what he was doing. He joined the US Air Force in 92 with the idea that he would do commercial art, advertising, something in a creative field and boy was he wrong. At Basic training he was informed he would be an AMMO troop, driving bombs and missiles around the flight line delivering them to the jets. He still doodled in the Air Force, designing tattoos for friends, drawing on the bombs before they were sent away. He just kept it going to keep up the practice. After that he worked for a printing company in Bountiful, Utah. He designed a whole line of clip art for the yearbooks that they published. After he left there, he found a few places to free-lance and do drawings here and there. 6 or 7 years ago he found a company that would scan and sell his designs for scrapbooks. He did that for a while and then learned how to do it all by himself and went out on my own. He drew a lot of moose, bears and bugs, but somewhere a dragon popped in, He doesn’t remember exactly when but he was born and he's been a part of his wonderful art ever since. With his rubber and digi stamps a very good friend of his Rikki sent him an email telling him he needed to look into rubber stamps, his style has clean crisp dark lines that would transfer over very well into the stamping world. He contacted a few companies, joined a few groups and had his first rubber set coming out May 2nd and the second set around the second week of May. In the meantime he found Digital Stamps. Drew a few, put them on Etsy just to test the waters and found himself dragged in...He has since started his own website mainly for digi stamps...and the rest is history.

Here is just a sample of what the MMSC10 Weekly Bonus Winner will WIN!!

Give Dustin a visit and check him out!! I would like to thank our own MMDT member Charlotte for introducing me to Dustin and his work. Charlotte is also on Dustins DT :) Dustin is an awesome person and it has been fun getting to know him! :) So Be sure to check back on Tuesdays for the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge details and Newest SKETCH!!! You will not want to miss playing this next week for sure!!! :) Thank you for stopping in!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a prize, in fact this is not just a prize it's a Jackpot. They are adorable. Thank you Dustin and Pricilla for giving us the opportunity to own these.
    Suzi xx
    ps: see you Tuesday if not before.

  2. Wowsers! An amazing prize, I'll definitely be joining in with your challenges now! LOL

    Jan xx

  3. WOW!!! This is SO generous of him! This is so exciting! :)

  4. Oh wow!! Dustin's been on my sidebar forever (well, not Dustin, but his banner link has!) I think I've collected most of his freebies and have also been lucky enough to win two of his fabulous drawings!!! I'd love to win or be in with a chance to win all these lovely cartoons, so................What d'we have to do!!!!!????


  5. What a prize!!! No wonder you couldn't hold back, how much do I have to bribe you to be picked as the winner lol.

  6. Oooohhhh WOWZER that is a prize and a half!!!! How AWESOME!!!

  7. That is an awesome prize and so generous of Dustin to offer. Who wouldn't want in on this chance?! Thanks, Priscilla, Charlotte and Dustin for a great and fun prize. I can't wait to see who the winner is. I am so excited.

  8. Amazing. Thank you both for a chance to win such an awesome package.

  9. A BIG thank you to Dustin Pike, our very own Charlotte is on his Design team - how generous he is to be our sponsor. There will be one lucky Sketch Challenge winner that will win this so all the more reason to get your entries in starting on Tuesday morning!! Ready, set -- .

  10. Wow, what a terrific prize. Thankyou to Dustin Pike and to you for giving me a chance to win this terrific prize!!

  11. What a great package for prize! Thank you for the chance to participate.

  12. Wahooooooooooooooooo!!! Awesome jackpot DING DING DING DING whoever wins this is one lucky gal/guy =) I sure hope its me lolololol all those digi stamps wowsers those would boost anyones collection!!!

  13. Yikes! What an awesome prize!! Should be enough there to keep some lucky winner busy, busy, busy. Love Dustin Pike!!

  14. Wohoo...what an awesome prize for the lucky winner, that will surely keep someone busy