Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My little Girl's "Funny Face"

Hi everyone, I know this is REALLY SILLY, but it is only just a TEST! :) I am going to start my "Prissy's Tips" soon and I want to do them via video. I think It will be much faster and easier to understand. What do you think? The following video is of my daughter a couple of years ago...she is so darn cute...she would always do these cute funny faces. I was able to catch just a little one on tape. It always makes me smile..they grow up so fast..oh the love we have for our own is so strong huh? It is short but sweet..she has a little scream at the end, so you may want to MUTE LOL. Hope it at least gives you a smile. Anyway..stay tuned..I am working on those helpful tips, tutorials and card samples.

Have a Wonderfully Creative Day!!


  1. Sooooo, sooooo cute Priscilla!! Thanks for sharing with us! :)

  2. Really good about the video.Priscilla, you really are good at doing all this stuff on the computer. Can't wait for the first one. Sue T

  3. Hi Priscilla, this is just too cute. Looking forward to your first tutorial!! great job on the cards too!

  4. I just love the sparkle in her eyes Priscilla. What a sweetie. :)

  5. very cute
    and I had the volume on HIGH!
    my husband came running and said
    what is that?!

  6. Ohh, how cute, great job getting that video on!