Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Blog Awards

9-1-09 I would like to thank Sue for this wonderful honor. You can see her complete post HERE. Sue you aer too sweet.

Sweet Terri over at "Teri's Cards and Toppers" gave me these awards... I am going to pass them on to 7 people when things slow down. I am just going to save them here for now. Thank you are a sweetheart.

8-11-09 Thank you so much Selma
You are so sweet to think of me :) i appreciate it.

8-4-09 Thank you Chris you are so sweet to me :)

I was given this Beautiful Blogger from Sandee thank you so much :) I got this blog award from Spyder on 9-25-09 THANK YOU so much for always being so thoughtful :)

Michelle gave me the blog support award today 7-18-09 She is such a sweetheart..thank you!!

Thank you Emily, you are too kind..i will add this to the bottom of my blog...I just love how friendly everyone one is..This is so fun :) Received from Carolyn on 6-22-09 Thank you :)

Thank You so much Lovely Linda & Lyn..I really appreciate it. I plan on passing it on soon along with my other awards. I will do the links etc. when I find figure out who to give them to. It is just so hard to pick :)

Oh thank you for this award Sherri & Steph, I will do the links etc when I get a spare moment. What an honor..THANK YOU AGAIN :)

THANK YOU Ibsabrt and LYN, so very sweet of you to give me this award. I will follow up with it and post some links and award others soon. Thanks again :)

A special thank you to Carolyn for giving me this award also 6-17-09 Sue gave me the friendship award on 6-20-09 Thank you Sue

This Award was giving to me by four different blog buddies this last week…Carolyn, Sue, Jeni, and Denise. What an honor :) Thank you ladies so much. Now its my turn to nominate 10 blogs for this award. This should be fun :) Still working on my list and links..I will post next week sometime..stay tuned

I am so happy I have made wonderful friends and how fun is it to give awards to each other. I am going to invite all the Midnight Madness Followers to please help yourself to these awards. You all deserve them as is it just too hard to pick out I nominate all of you. When time allows, I do plan revisiting these awards and go in search again for nominees. (if I missed your link above, I am sorry, with the Midnight madness Launch etc...I miss misplaced a couple sorry)


  1. I was finally able to participate! Woo hoo! Hope you like my bright and cheery card!!

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  3. I'm new to this blog thing :( I'm just starting out, but I did add your midnight madness to my blog. Gotta learn how to do this sometime right;) It seems painless. LOL. Thanks for teaching me something ;)

    scrapbook 'n stamping fun