Monday, September 16, 2019

Crafter's DREAM Auction LIVE!!

##Hey...Are you ready? I'm talking to you! I said...... 📣📣ARE YOU READY?📣📣

       My name is Priscilla (aka priscillastyles) and I'm so EXCITED about my first live auction in the amazing Around The Clock Group (aka ATC). I have been a huge fan of the sight for awhile and the people there are just amazing. I really enjoy the fact that we can come together to share our love for all things eclectic, unique as well as vintage.

       I am so looking forward to bringing my own diversity to the group through my live auctions and personal style. . I have literally been obsessed with crafting, collecting jewelry and vintage items since I was a child. So needless to say, most of my stuff "is" vintage! Now that being said.... hopefully it doesn't revealing too much about my age. Remember, a lady never tells her true age (or weight for that matter)..LOL 😉

       I'm just thrilled to get to know everyone even better through this process. If you share the same kind of passion I do for all things vintage that's are worthy of preserving, and pampering yourself just a little, then PLEASE come join me for a fun afternoon! Sit back eat your lunch and look at pretties with me...You might just see something you can't live without.

     I'm just a little girl at heart who's always know that "PURPLE IS HER JAM!" Can't wait to see you on the live with me tomorrow.

 👇👇Now drop me a heart in the comments below and I will make sure you are personally invited. 👇👇

 The fun begins at 11am PST Tuesdays  the will last a couple of hours. Set your alarm... you don't want to miss it.

 (((hugs to everyone)))

You can find me on Facebook with all the links. Just friend me and or message me.

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Event link


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