Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mid Week Midnight Madness "Priscilla's Quick Tips"

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Right now, I am enjoying a fun time with family, hitting up Disneyland, Lego Land and god knows where else my kids want to go. But I am thinking of you all, so I have prepared this in advance for you all ….I wanted to share a few quick tips with you today. While I was busy getting ready for our vacation, I was trying to get caught up with my cards before I left you all in the good hands of our DT. I had to rush through a couple of my cards as the laundry and packing was not going to do itself ..lol So, today I am going to share with you some fun practical and time saving tips when making a card.

As I am sure you have read, our MMSC28 card this week is suppose to be a holiday themed card. I hope you are going to play this week, because we are picking out from our entries this week cards that will be featured during our Holiday Blog Hop coming Dec 8th. Now, when trying to figure out how to do my card, I opened up a box of old Christmas stuff for inspiration. I found some inexpensive wooden ornaments that I got in the bargain bin at an after Christmas sale. I think they were 5 for a Dollar. I don’t know why, but I had to have them, after all they were such a good price right?? LOL Anyway, as a time saving effort this week, I used one of these ornaments as the main image on my card.

As I dug deeper in the box, I found some vintage Christmas bulbs. I was looking for some kind of cute charm to dangle from the card trying to follow the sketch, but could not find one with out really digging through more of my craft boxes, so guess what..I used the bulb. They are small bulbs, but still a little bulky. This card will call for a think style envelope for sure :)

As some of you may know, I love to sew on my cards, but this does take time. I had no time for that…lol, So instead, I opted for the imitation stitching. I got this pack at the .99 cent store and it is self adhesive faux stitching. After I bought this I thought…now why did I buy this…well for times like this I guess and of course for scrapbooking too :)

So with all my finds, I sat down and whipped out a card. I assembled all the pieces which was fast and easy.

I used a gold cord type thread to tie the bulb top and then dangle it from the snowflake

I think heating up the glue gun took longer than it took to put on this faux stitching. I use a glue gun a lot when making my cards. Tip, by squeezing out drops of hot glue on a paper plate and then letting it cool, you can use them later as a kind of pop up glue dot by heating it slightly on the top and the bottom. (that is another tutorial, but just wanted to mention it incase you wanted to try it)

I think it took me about a half an hour to make. I know it is not what you are use to seeing from me, but priorities my dear friends, priorities. I am in sunny southern California possibly swimming in a pool, drinking a cold beer and wishing you could all be here with me. We should plan a card making retreat..how fun would that be? Anyway, thanks for taking the time to stop in today. I hope my practical card making tips will help you out with your creativity. Stay out of the stores this year and check out all the goodies that are lurking at the bottom of your Christmas storage boxes.


  1. Ahhhhh, I do hope you're enjoying a great vacation with your family!! I will definitely be sifting through my stash for some refreshing and quick card-making ideas! TFS!

  2. Sunny CA boy do I wish I was there, cold and rain and wind here in NW IL. Have a wonderful time and thanks for the beautiful card and ideas.

  3. Have a fantastic time on holiday, you are all going to have soooooo much fun!! You make it look so easy I would have been sat there for hours LOL! Take CareX:)

  4. I hope you really enjoy your vacation in sunny California. It would definitely be better than the snow/sleet/rain mix we've had here in Kansas the last few days! Beautiful card and a wonderful use of things that would otherwise just lie at the bottom of a box!

  5. What a wonderful idea! Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather in CA and all of the wonderful things to do.

  6. Great ideas! No way am I digging out my Christmas boxes yet though. lol Hope you are having a fabulous time in the sun and with your dear family.

  7. That's a cool tutorial. Very cute too! Have fun in CA with your family~

  8. You are so resourceful! Great tips! Hope you are having a GREAT, RELAXING Vacation!