Friday, October 9, 2009

Mid Week Midnight Madness "Decoupage Collage Envelope Tutorial"

I hope you enjoy my tutorial for you this week.
"How to Make a Collage Envelope"

Choose your theme and find your images. I use catalogs magazines advertising….
You name it, it will work as long as the paper is thin. Cut out images.

You will need some instant Decoupage, a paint brush and a large card stock to work on. I use oversided card stock, but you can use 12 x 12 card stock.

Brush the cut image with the decoupage on the back...

Then place your image down and brush over the top again.
This will seal it and hold it in place.

Work your area and layer your images for your desired look.

Using an envelope template, trace and cut-out card stock. LIGHTLY score the inner side of the envelope for the folds of your envelope. (See template kit lines.)
Stamp, collage, or color the inside of your envelope that will be viewed. I used an ink pad and just colored the inside area shown here.

Optional but highly recommended. Sew around the outer edge of your envelopes flaps (top and bottom) for a nice clean edged look. Tie of loose top threads and tape down the lower ones. (just not loose threads and you don’t want it to come apart right?)

Center the “Thinking Inside The Box” block tool on the envelope. If you do not have one you can just proceed with how you would normally make your envelopes, but I just find this tool very useful when I am creating my envelopes.

Place two mini glue dots on the inside of one of the outer flaps. Making sure your “Thinking Inside the Box” block is centered upon your work, align edges and connect the two outer flaps to the center.

Press down firmly (the block helps to keep your
thick style envelope from crushing)

Attach two long strips of Sticky Strip to the lower flaps outer edges.

Center aid, remove backing and fold up to the center by pressing down with pressure. Due to using the block, the corner should meet perfectly in the center with the other flaps.

Cut desired size (or use pre-cut circles) of Velcro and attach both pieces together. Remove the backing from ONE SIDE only and place the exposed adhesive side to the top corner flap. Remove the second adhesive backing, lower the flap – aligning it to the center – and firmly press. Pull the Velcro pieces apart and cut off any excess Velcro material.

Use the extra collage pieces for your card. Inside and Out.

View of the inside of my card and the front of the envelope.

Embellish your new custom-made envelope as desired. Be sure to use aggressive adhesive practices to insure that your embellishments are firmly anchored when your envelope is opened and closed. The "Thinking Inside the Box" envelopes are not recommended to use for mailing. We suggest you box them before shipping.
I think the envelope is just as important as the cards you make. We all put so much effort into our handmade cards, so, don’t they deserve to have a nice keepsake style envelope? I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and I am really looking forward to sharing more tips and projects with you in the future. Please let me know what you think of this weeks "Mid Week Midnight Madness" Tutorial.
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  1. Priscilla you did an awesome job with this tutorial....can't wait to see more! Thanks for doing this one for everyone to see~

  2. Hi Priscilla

    Great tutorial. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. Oh MY, wonderful!! A lot of cutting and pasting but wonderful so so worth that. Never tried the decoupage glue-ever, what am I waiting for? I agree about the envelope being important too, like gift wrap on a gift. Thanks P.

  4. Love your tutorial!! You need to teach me to sew before I can do an envelope like that though. Thanks for sharing with us!


  5. Great tutorial. But is this actually mailable and would it crush in the mail.
    You do BEAUTIFUL work!!!

  6. This is awesome! I'm so glad I found it. I was referred here by Linda Brown and am so glad I was!

  7. This was an awesome tutorial ! I love the fact that now I can create any paper collage!!!!! Im so excited to try this out, of course i need to buy a few supplies. I think Im going to Michaels lol when I make it I will post it so you can see it , and Ill put a link back to your page =)

  8. Awesome job on the tutorial!! Every step was clearly detailed and I know I can do this! Will definitely give it a go.

  9. Very cool!!! I am going to try this tomorrow night with a friend!

  10. Very neat idea! Love the vintage feel of the collage envie you made. I will have to try this.

  11. This looks like fun, but not tonight!

  12. This is just outstanding!!! I can't imagine the time it took you to create it, but thanks for showing us how you did it! It's simply AWESOME!!!!

  13. Wow Priscilla, what an effort to do this fantastic envelope box!

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